Our state-of-the-art laboratories are dynamic spaces where theory meets practice, and curiosity transforms into hands-on learning experiences. Our commitment to providing an enriching education extends to our well-equipped labs, which serve as the epicenter for scientific exploration, technological innovation, and experimental discovery.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is established as per the standards laid by the CBSE. High standards of charts and models are displayed to provide inline functioning of Biology. “NO CRUELTY TO ANIMALS” is taken the top priority to perform the practicals at the lab The Biology lab observes the regular seminar, exhibitions and awareness programmes to connect learning with life.

computer lab

Vatsalya facilitates our students with a well-equipped computer lab that has 20 thin client systems and 10 standalone machines. Students are free to do practicals, complete project work, use the Internet to search for information, send and receive emails, design their own website blogs, and appear in any online quiz/exam conducted by CBSE or other agencies. Lab instructor guides and helps the students with their practical work and takes care of the smooth functioning of the lab.

Chemistry Lab

Step into the realm of molecules, reactions, and discoveries at the Chemistry Laboratory of Vatsalya Public School. Our Chemistry Lab is a haven for budding scientists, providing an environment where theoretical knowledge transforms into captivating experiments and hands-on experiences. Here, curiosity is the catalyst for exploration, and the study of matter becomes an engaging journey.

AI Lab

Having an AI lab in schools gives students a distinct advantage. Not only do they learn about AI concepts, but they also gain hands-on experience with AI technology. This early exposure propels them towards success in careers related to data science, machine learning, robotics, and more.

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