About Us

A good education is a foundation for a better future

The Ganediwal Charitable Trust dreamt of an Education Institute of Academic and Co-academic excellence in 1998 as VATSALYA PUBLIC SCHOOL. The Institute was founded with the principle of “We Not Only Educate We Build Complete Personality” to allow 360° personality development. The Principles also allows every student to explore and exploit his/her best capabilities.

Vatsalya creates a global platform for making learn with moral education and Indian values as a sole objective. The infrastructure facilitates the teacher with knowledge and skill development along with health and personality grooming with real time practice and curriculum.


Vatsalya Public School will constitute a community of students to be sensitive and confident individuals, empowered with knowledge, creativity and the ability to innovate. Vatsalya Public School students will cherish their roots in the Indian value system and be global in their outlook and achievements.


Vatsalya Public School is a center of excellence where the whole community is positively encouraged and fully engaged educationally in effective enjoyable, successful experiences across all areas of learning and teaching, creating global citizens for tomorrow…TODAY.


The institution is run by Ganediwal Charitable Trust with a desire to create a platform for the students and learners of Mandsaur region to exploit the best of their ability. Vatsalya Public School is a real means a Charitable School with the soul objective of nurturing the young brains and opportune them to mark their signature at global site with Indian values and morals.
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