Vatsalyan Educational Philosophy

At Vatsalya Public School, our educational philosophy, encapsulated in the term "Vatsalyan," is a guiding beacon that shapes our approach to learning and growth. Rooted in the Sanskrit word "Vatsalya," meaning parental care and affection, our philosophy goes beyond traditional education, fostering an environment that nurtures excellence, empowers individuals, and inspires futures.

Kinder Garten

Our Excursion program is designed to break the monotony of routine and open doors to a world of exploration. Beyond the walls of the school, students embark on journeys that take them to historical landmarks, cultural hotspots, and natural wonders. These immersive experiences broaden their horizons, fostering a global perspective and a deeper understanding of diverse communities.


Efforts on imparting value-based education include grooming the personality of the child inculcating good habits, etiquette and manners, all round development of mind Emphasis is laid on making a child responsible for his/her social obligations through different project activities.

Secondary and Sr. Secondary

The School follows the curriculum laid down by CBSE. Due emphasis is given to moral education, environmental awareness, co-curricular activities and overall personality development. Students are prepared for the competitive examination and given career counseling round the session.

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